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Need is Everywhere

Tracy McArdle Brady

Your needs. My needs. Your boss, your kids, your direct reports have endless needs. That guy at work with the nervous laugh in meetings. The paper boy who wants a tip every week. The woman from barre class who needs friends but yells frequently. The hairdresser you’re failing to break up with and the friend trying to sell you Chinese herbs for your dog’s anxiety.

It’s the Festival of Need. You’re part of it whether you like it or not.

We need to find a better points credit card. You need to do something with all your digital photos. Our couches need cleaning. Your brows need work, and so does your marriage. Your kids – never mind, too easy. Your dad needs a root canal, or worse, a lawyer. Your driveway needs improving. And let’s be honest, you’re not spending money on your driveway.

Need makes the world spin. It drives the global economy. Need connects and divides us.

And if you couldn’t laugh about it you might go crazy.

We need validation, satisfaction and integrity. We need homemade chili,  shorter commutes, and envelopes that don't give your tongue paper cuts. We need fewer video games, nicer politicians and better sports bras.

We need empathy, community and connection.

Most of all we need each other. Because how else could we laugh? That’s what makes it a festival.

Hope you enjoy, share, and send me a note if you um, need to.

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